The Department of Human Resource Development strives to help Tribal families and individuals achieve self-sufficiency by providing support, compassion, hope, and guidance. Support is given through sustenance income, childcare, parenting, food, employment, training, counseling, life planning, and transportation as they transition to a more stable environment.

The CSKT Department of Human Resources Development (DHRD) was established in October 1998 to help support family stability and family self-sufficiency. The main DHRD office is in Pablo, Montana located in the Old Main Office.

Major programs within DHRD are as follows: Tribal TANF (welfare), General Assistance, Tribal Vocational Rehabilitation, LIHEAP (winter heating assistance to low income persons), Childcare Block Grant Program, WIC, Tribal Commodities, Trust Management, Workforce Investment Act Employment and Training Services (WIA), Kerr Elderly, and Even Start Family Literacy Services. The majorities of the programs do have unique income and eligibility criteria and most services are restricted to poverty level incomes. Because the majorities are federally funded, all require written requests and applications and completion of the eligibility requirements.

In addition, the DHRD Office in Pablo does have two (2) co-located county workers who assist with Food Stamps and Medicaid eligibility services to DHRD eligible clients. In spring of 2016, DHRD and Tribal Social Services merged into one department.