All hard-copy records are to be maintained for a minimum of three (3) years, in accordance with 45 CFR74.53. These records will include but are not limited to:

Applications for TCSEP Services
Applications are generally kept in participant files, however, applications that were received that did not result in an open case, such as incomplete applications, will be kept for a minimum of three (3) years.

Tribal Child Support Enforcement Program Files
TCSEP files include the following information:

1)    Application or Referral for TCSEP services, Consent for Release of Information Form and case notes;

2)    Verification - Copies of applicable documents, such as Tribal/State identification, child’s birth certificate, social security cards, Court orders regarding Child Support, divorce decree, paternity affidavit, domestic violence protective orders, driver’s license, current check stubs, and income tax verification, death certificates, and enrollment verification;

3)    Locate - Efforts to locate NCP’s, including, but not limited to, copies of address verification, location service use, correspondence with past employers, returned mail service, phone call records, and case notes that document all locate activity;

4)    Paternity Establishment - Other documentation, in addition to case notes, of any action taken to establish paternity, obtain, and enforce Child Support, including copies of all legal proceedings, process of service, collection notices, employer correspondence, paternity acknowledgement, interview notes, genetic test results, and any default orders;

5)    Financial - Documentation of dates and sources of Child Support payments, distributions, and debts, including copies of receipts, Child Support distribution checks, and monthly notices of collections;

6)    Correspondence – Copies of any correspondence to or from TCSEP to the NCP, CP, or third party of interest, such as Tribal or State programs that provide financial assistance or services, or any other third party that has legal standing in a case or is providing services to the participants in the case.

IV-D Program Expenditures
All information on program expenditures will be kept by the CS&KT Contracts and Grants.  Program expenditures are documented on the CS&KT Financial and Accounting Software and all backup financial information is kept by TCSEP, DHRD Budget and Accounting Department, and CS&KT Contracts and Grants. Expenditures are approved by either the TCSEP Project Director, or the TCSEP Project Administrator. TCSEP Project Director will prepare Federal and other Tribal reporting. TCSEP is subject to a yearly audit.

DHRD TCSEP prepares the financial quarterly reports for the funding program, as well as the Standard Form 425.  DHRD TCSEP shall exclude the amount of fees collected from the quarterly expenditures. All fees collected shall be accounted for strictly as In-Kind Match.  

Statistical Records
All statistical records are maintained in the TCSEP Office.

Fiscal and Other Records
Program Expenditure Records are maintained by the CS&KT Tribes Financial Accounting Software. Federal grant contracts, budgets, and budget modifications records are maintained by the TCSEP Office with copies also stored at the CS&KT Contracts and Grants office. The CS&KT Contracts and Grants office will be responsible for maintaining official records for a minimum of three (3) years.