Systems Change: Goal 1: Increase Tribal and non-Tribal agency collaboration in the early childhood system of care on the Flathead Indian Reservation.

  • Objective 1 Develop a more integrated, cross-agency referral system between all service providers.
  • Objective 2 Implement a cross-agency data system by March 2018.
  • Objective 3 Create, distribute and maintain a comprehensive, accessible and multi-formatted community wide resource guide by February of 2017.
  • Objective 4 Annually deliver a meaningful, culturally connected promotional campaign to the community built around prevention concepts that address health and wellness issues for families with children between 0-8 beginning by summer of 2016 and ongoing.
  • Objective 5 Foster peer communication, intellectual discourse, community unity and a higher level of professional-to- professional support by facilitating quarterly networking opportunities reservation wide beginning in October of 2015 with any program serving families and children.
  • Objective 6 To broaden the scope of services and use of best practices to the community by annually delivering Touchpoints Individual Level Training and Reflective Practice Training to partner agency staff serving families with children 0-8.


Integration of Behavioral Health Into Primary Care: Goal 2: Improve professional, parent and community member understanding of the dynamics of behavioral health in relationship to child development and the role they can have in assisting the children in their life find higher levels of happiness, good health, and social-emotional well-being.

  • Objective 1 To promote early literacy, school readiness and parental engagement by using the Reach Out and Read Program in at least 3 reservation clinics that provide well-child visits.
  • Objective 2 Annually provide at least 1 training opportunity on child development and behavioral health to parents, childcare providers and other service providers working with families and children.


Mental Health Consultation: Goal 3: Create and offer a menu of mental health consultation options for Early Childhood Services, reservation schools, childcare centers and community-based programs to help them learn best practices and successful strategies for interacting with children and families that support their emotional wellness and social and emotional development.

  • Objective 1 Provide at least one day a week of on-site mental health consultation services to at least three different locations incorporating Family Connections and other intervention strategies.
  • Objective 2 Facilitate annual Project LAUNCH team consultation process with area school district administrative teams, special education staff and Altacare staff to identify areas of need for training, collaboration and stronger linkages relevant to mental health needs of children in schools.
  • Objective 3 To host Share & Care time for those providing direct mental health services.


Family Strengthening: Goal 4:  Promote positive communication, healthy lifestyle choices, personal success and cultural involvement to support strong family relationships, improved quality of life and overall resiliency.

  • Objective 1 To annually provide support to enhance at least two existing parenting programs with special promotions, cultural events, themed activities, speakers and facilitation.
  • Objective 2 To annually provide family centered and child development focused activities at 2 existing cultural events such as Pow Wows, Encampments, Health Fairs and Jump Dances.


Enhanced Home Visiting: Goal 5: Build a high quality, cross-community network of support for parents by expanding and enhancing home visiting services.

  • Objective 1 To provide all home visitors working on the Flathead Reservation with training utilizing the Family connections curriculum with a bi-monthly dosage to support family identified needs. 


Screening and Assessment: Goal 6: Act as a catalyst for change with Flathead Reservation programs serving families 0-8 that establishes a cohesive, functional, meaningful core set of assessment and screening tools to effectively serve families and better inform providers with clear baseline and outcome data.

  • Objective 1 To assist Tribal Social Services, Tribal Health, Early Childhood Services, area schools and other service providers with a study and review of major screening/assessment tools.